Things do not happen, things made to happen


Way back then, during my first step in college, I was enrolled in education course, but a week later, I dropped it and changed my course to computer. I don’t understand if I was right in my decision. Don’t have any idea on what’s going on. Anyway, education wasn’t my preferred course either, but I enrolled it because we think that would be the most affordable course that suite for our budget. And actually, no idea as well on what is the best course to take that time. Until I was like go with the flow, so it is, I continue with  my computer course.

I have been questioning god almost of the time, why this is happening to me especially when trials come along the way. Doubted and never trust him. 

But indeed, God has truly worked in my life, some things are getting clearer now, what has happened yesterday was just a preparation for today and tomorrow. God truly is amazing, we may not understand him now, but surely he has lots of beautiful things prepared for us in the future. Just trust him and let him do the rest.

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