That thing called ’til next time


They said if you had dreams and passion in life, strive hard and work for it.

Okay, as you read in my previous post, regarding my very first passion in life. Yes, I am absolutely dying on knowing and learning how to draw. I was so much envied when seeing an artist who effortlessly drawn something that has in their mind.

Ugh, why I have this deep aspiration when in the first place I really don’t have any talent in this thing. I had this feeling of eagerness to draw anything even just a cartoon character, but when started, waaaah! The frustration was on.

Never did in my life I was able to draw a perfect circle nor a perfect square. Is this really the thing I’d wanted. It seems like a feeling of loving a person so much but never love you back. That feeling though…it hurts, isn’t it?

Should I learn to accept the truth, instead? That this is not for me. That this was not god wanted? Should be this the right time to say, ’till next time…..

Okay, see you next time when I see you then even if we weren’t seeing each other yet.

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