Quitters never win and winners never quit!

You heard this popular saying always, generally it talks about how a person need to be strong and never give up whatever happen. But, this is not about how people being stable and strong, it’s about TRUST IN GOD! Consider ourself, we really had lots of dreams and goals in life that we want to achieve. Sometimes we are actually in a hurry to attain it quickly. But do you think you can achieve it in the time you expected?

I believed if the things are meant to us, God will let this happen at the right time. Whatever we are pursuing to reach our dreams if it’s really not meant for us, God will make his own way just to turn us into what he already planned.

I am not saying that what you’d started and you failed, you may think that it’s not god’s planned for you and you may quit either. Don’t be in a hurry, take it easy, just relax. Pray for God, he only knows the best and could help you. Don’t just give up easily, think a better way and then just go with the flow. Don’t think life too seriously. If you have something that wanted in life and you always not succeed don’t be discouraged, make your failure in a positive way. Make it a reason why you failed, you can think maybe God doesn’t want me this because he serves me a better one.

Back, in the year 2010, I think I could say this year has not been so good to me and to our family. I lost my job and our small business was stopped I think due to some selfish reason. Do you think that a small business like we have could get lots of attention in one’s of I think a powerful man in our town? I don’t think so, he used his power just to make us stopped in selling. But poor us, my mother didn’t have nothing to do but to stop it. We really had a hard time coping it and thinking how could we live and survive that time as the only source of our living has been gone already, I may think that time that life was really so unfair and to the point that I questions God why he let this thing happen to us.

Despite of this catastrophe happened in our life, we never lose hope either and we never surrender God in our life. We continued praying and asking him to guide and help us every single day. I think he let this thing happened just to make us stronger. I don’t believe in god’s test of life, god’s love could never be questioned by anyone, maybe sometimes we tend to forget to call him but he doesn’t mean that he needs to punish us.
And I am so grateful to dearest god, I am of what I am today because of what had happened in the past. Contented and happy with the life I am living now. The blessings are abundantly coming everyday, the breath of life is really one of the wonderful blessings I always get everyday.

So, quitters never win because they never trust god and winners never quit because they believe that God will never turn them back whatever happen.

Honesty Wins In The End

Just want to share you guys some story that talks about honesty, it is said that when will going to start with honesty to another person and it will surely ends up with trust. This story will absolutely enlighten and wake up your mind and that in the end honesty will prevail and win.

There is a company manager who happens to be not happy with his job, he wanted to resign but he was hesitant because he could not find the best person to replace of his position. So what he did, he called all his employees, comprising of around 30 persons. He gathered it in a meeting room and he said,

“I have a major announcement to all of you, after 2 years I will be going to be resigned. And I am sure, all of you here will want my position. So to be fair to choose you, I want you all to test who are the most capable to become a manager in this company. And now, as you see there are 30 seeds of jackfruit, I will going to give you. Each of you will be responsible to take good care of the seeds. Whatever you do with it will be your choice. After two years, I will ask you this.”

So the manager gives his employees each of the seed. And the days, months and a year passed by, each employee really took good care of the seeds, they planted it in a pot and some of them really grew fast and bear some fruits. After two years, a manager called each of them,

MANAGER: How was the seed that I gave you?
EMPLOYEE 1: Manager, I really took good care of it, I planted it and see what happen it grows fast and bear some fruits.
MANAGER: Very Good! Okay, next employee…

Employee 2 up to 30 express the same stories again and again except for employee 29, who happens a janitor of the company. The manager wondered where is employee 29 as he could not see around. He was looking at him and found out that the janitor was hiding because he was ashamed of what was happening to his seed. Completely different from the rest, he planted it but it never grows up. He thought he never succeed in taking care of it. But the Manager smiled and says:

MANAGER: Finally, I found you already, I will choose you as the next Manager of this Company!

The janitor amazed and couldn’t believe of what he heard, and he asked:

JANITOR: Why? As you see, I did not fulfill my job, I never succeed by taking care of it.

The Manager replied:

MANAGER: No, you did a great job! And your different from them. Everyone listens, I am amazed by how you handle the seed. It really grows perfectly. But, how did you do that?

The employees stared each other as they know what the Manager meant. They tend to replace the seed with a new one to make it grow faster.

MANAGER: How could it be the seeds be grown up like this as I steamed and cooked it before I give you. And now, you know what I mean, this guy is the only one person who remain honest despite of the eagerness to become a Manager.


I hope you all guys get a lesson of the short story that I write just for you. Remember,

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”
― Albert Einstein

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