2016: Toughest year ever!

2016 year

Yayy! It’s 1st day of December and exactly 30 days left before this year bid it’s farewell. Hayyy! Time flies so really fast, but still there’s always been a reason why i don’t want time to pass (pssst! still a secret, i couldn’t tell you the reason behind), if only i could stop it, i surely do it already. Anyway, we don’t own any thing in this world so whatever may come, may pass in our life we should accept it gracefully, no hurt feelings. Life has always been so surprising and we really could not foretell what could happen in the future. So be it. Don’t try to brawl life because in the end you will be the loser.

Okay, okay! Just really want to sum up what has been my life this year. I could say, not really good but still feeling blessed, always be. Problems, problems, why i always counting problems than a blessing? Problems and blessings may come together but still problems weigh the most. Why is that so? Or just i always been minding those problems rather than counting my everyday blessings. I thought so, because this things always keep me reminding every night and everyday. And may sometimes the reason for my sleepless night.

So please bare with me because i will be summing up my not so really good experience this year. Actually, this was not happen exactly to myself but to close family which so dear to my heart. They already become part of my life, so it’s normal that i could feel whatever pain they could have.

To begin with, this is about to my mother in law. Early this year, i think it’s around month of February she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Shocking and could not believe with the news but still we need to be strong and keep fighting. Doctor’s gave her life a time limit but we don’t believe it because God knows all and no doctor’s, scientist nor prophets can predict our life. Later this year, she was diagnosed again with kidney failure and she need to undergo a hemodialysis. It’s really hard to see your love one suffer such kind of illness. We still trying to be optimistic and keep on praying that one day miracles do happen.

Second and probably be the last. Don’t really wish to count another problems again. This is about to my grandmother. She was my father’s mother, just so you know. Nanay Parecia, become so close to me during my childhood days. She was so kind, thoughtful and helpful. Together with my cousins, we always spent our days in her house because she solely live in there so she always asked us for her companion. Middle of this year, around June, we celebrated her birthday happily. She is more than 80 yrs. old, she was healthy at that time and suddenly due to an unfortunate incident i think as well it’s due to her age, she got sick and couldn’t recover until now. She was terribly sick, she could hardly speak, she was in bed now and really need more attention and caring. I really hope, she will get well and continue living her life for more years. I really hope.

Lastly, so much with problems. But first, let me want to Thanks to the Lord for gracing me so much blessings abundantly this year. A healthy life, career and poured with so much love from family and friends. It would be almost perfect if he already grant me with my lifelong wish. Lord, please. Keep it soon, okay? You know it already.

Other thing, i am very proud with my younger sister. She is already in her 4th year now in medicine. Yehey! Soon she would become a doctor. Hopefully, hoping and wishing.

That’s all for this year, oh! wait..there still 30 days left.  A lot of things could have happen still but i hope it will all good. Will be writing my finishing remarks this end of month. Thanks, guys! This might be long but thanks for spending time on reading. Keep in touch!

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