Don’t be the Prisoner


If you care what other people think, you will always be their Prisoner. – Lao Tzu

How then can we pull down our prison walls and set ourselves free? How can we use memories and thoughts intelligently without being trapped by them?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Be present in this moment. Not a half-hearted presence like the way you slump on the couch and channel-surf each night, but a complete mind, body and spirit presence.

The present moment is the only thing you have got now.Why the emphasis on this moment? Because now is where reality is. The present moment is the only thing you have got now. The past is gone and will never come back. The future is elusive and is beyond anyone’s grasp. Whatever you can do now happens at this moment.

All your self-defeating stories about the past, and/or worries for the future are taking place in this moment. But why live in the past or future when you can live now and enjoy the spontaneity and surprise that each moment offers?

When you surrender completely to now and put all your attention on every moment, your full awareness connects you to the flow of life. That is when living becomes effortless and intuitive.

You will begin to respond to each moment instinctively without worries or anxieties, because at this moment there aren’t 101 things you need to do — there is only one thing to do, now.


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