My hidden life-long passion

Guitar please guitar. Oh yes guys, my hidden passion is to somewhat know how to play guitars. Uhmmm’ wait, how long that  i’ve been on this? Actually, since on my high school days. Okay, and why i am talking this too now? Do you know Molly Tuttle? Have watched her on youtube. She’s been an amazing gal, she played an acoustics music and she is amazingly incredible. Watch below.. the reason why i was spoke up or awaken again with this hidden passion that i really don’t know if it still be realize.

Wow i’ve been so talkative this days, i can’t believe it. Anyway, guys just again wanted you to let you know how i have been hooked with this life-long passion that eventually did not even happen until now. Too bad, I’m no singer but i don’t know, each time i watched someone played a guitar, i was started getting envious and feel really bad for myself that i don’t have any courage to even pursue it. Oh why! could someone send me like that martin d28 guitar so i could start my practice. Oh yeah, i’m just kidding, i know it never happen. But, anyway, i wish i could play guitars soon. Hopefully!

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