We were born to be REAL not to be perfect

We were born to be REAL not to be


What else can we do in this world? Seems sometimes we forgot to look out of what we are and how to be real. We tend to chase some perfections in life. We have always set in our mind on what should we needed to do else we will be getting judge by the people around us.

What else we can do anyway? No, you should not prove to yourself what you can do else do what you would like to do. Just be real. If you’d like climbing in the mountains rather than by sitting in front of your computer , then go for it. We are free to do what we wanted to do. Don’t chase perfections. Don’t do what people should you want you to do. Anyhow, people will always judge you in whatever you are doing, even if it is good nor bad.

Be FREE! Be Real! It is the only way we can live life to the fullest.

Be the judge of yourself not for others


Sometimes people often see others action than for theirselves. We tend to easily notice what others did but not for ourselves.

Why it is too easy for us to see others doing? Is it maybe because we only have an outer eye that was made to see all the things around us and never had an inner eye that will see inside us? I think it wasn’t that the case.

For some reasons, if god gave us two eye it is just to see beautiful things he just created for us and not to judge and make some critic on what others did. Because we are all created by God, he will the only one who can judge us and never the man.

Although, we have different perspective and decision in life and if we could see others doing against the will of the lord, please don’t judge them instead guide and lead them going to the lord, because the only almighty god can bring them into the path of righteousness.


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