Making Mistakes is better than making PERFECTIONS


Are you the type of the person who afraid to commit mistakes, accept failures and take no responsibilities of all the lapses you have done in life? Then, i think you are the type of person who views life should be perfect in anyways. And surely not a good sign. We always heard that nobody is perfect so why striving to make it perfect.

Unfortunately, too many people and absolutely most of them are so much busy to make their life perfect to look on the outside. They tend to hide their own discrepancies just to protect  themselves.  They don’t want to be judge or degraded by others or the worse case rejected by showing their mistakes.

Instead of always hiding mistakes here’s how a good way to accept your imperfections.

– You need to focus on utilizing your weakness as a challenge.  Dude, when you’re poor in grammar why not try to read some books and write anything just to enhance it.

– Positive thoughts, that’s all you need. Always find the good in everything. When you mess up, find the good side and keep going.

– Be grateful all the time. It’s not the hardest thing to do just to say thank you everyday to the people you will love most.Gratitude helps to cultivate a positive mindset, which will help you to accept yourself for who you really are.

– We often ignored how our mind and body works the same way. Eat a nourishing diet, move regularly, rest often, and be mindful.

– Above all, Have faith in yourself and have faith in God. Trust yourself and surrender everything to him.

Life is always the way it is, you can only make it hard if your attitudes about life are pointed that way. You can’t change who you really are either. Just be the best you can be, and live life with pride.

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