Today is the day I am longing

Excited to wake up today as i am waiting for good news sooner or later this day. I hope God will give this day to me. A good news i am expecting, but wait i think here i am again, the same feeling before expecting then hurt and blame again to God if it will not come.

Oh lord, i knew this is irrational but please forgive me, I am still human and hoping for some changes in life. I still have needs and wants, so i keep on dreaming without ceasing. Hoping that someday, somehow this dreams will be realized.

Okay then, back this day. The good news i am waiting for so many time is a relieve order of my hubby to transfer him to other places and this would means that i am going back home. Yes, i am so excited as they say there is no place like home.

For years of living far away from my family is a pain and a sacrifice. What i wanted is to be back home and live them together. This isn’t yet final but i am hoping that god will let us. I just had a lot of plans when we went home already and i can’t really wait for it.

It is i think very ironic because i remembered before when i was young, i always been wanting to go this place where i am now but when i am here, always wanted to go back. Oh life, how confusing you are, this always means that changes is the only thing permanent in this world and so be it.



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