Be the judge of yourself not for others


Sometimes people often see others action than for theirselves. We tend to easily notice what others did but not for ourselves.

Why it is too easy for us to see others doing? Is it maybe because we only have an outer eye that was made to see all the things around us and never had an inner eye that will see inside us? I think it wasn’t that the case.

For some reasons, if god gave us two eye it is just to see beautiful things he just created for us and not to judge and make some critic on what others did. Because we are all created by God, he will the only one who can judge us and never the man.

Although, we have different perspective and decision in life and if we could see others doing against the will of the lord, please don’t judge them instead guide and lead them going to the lord, because the only almighty god can bring them into the path of righteousness.


Turn the Bad into Good

We always heard others about being true to ourself. We need not to used others personality. Yes, it is more important that you need to show the real you. Faking ourself is a waste of time.

But didn’t you know that we just need to wear mask, not to fake ourself but to protect others from hurting. Sometimes in our life, it is really normal on us that we have a not so really nice attitude.

But, this bad attitude isn’t good to show to others. We didn’t know that we could be hurt others by just showing our not so good habit. Just in order to protect them, we need to fake ourself by not showing our unnecessary moves. They say, always turn the bad into good. As the lord God, taught and remind us to be good and kind all the time.

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