Success simply paid off by doing hard work


Luck is the dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get. – Ray Kroc

If we have goals and dreams in life we simply need to strive hard for it to achieve.

Top Five Goals that I Wanted in Life!

Embracing goals in life are sometimes very frustrating, we can have it all but unfortunately we can’t fulfill it at once. We need to strive hard for this to achieve successfully. Later in life we will be successful if we’ve worked it very hard but sometimes it will turn in vain. But, life goes on, we won’t be that successful if we will not keep on seizing our wants and goals in life.

Everyone has a dreamed in life and I have too, I am pursuing this as I have clearly seen this days that these are the most wanted things I’ve ever wanted in my life. I want to list it up as I know God will be able to read this and if he let me this thing to happen to me then surely I will be the most blessed.

Here’s my Top 5 lists:

  1. A Loving Mother of three cute babies. Two girls and one boy.
  2. A Drawing Artist.
  3. An Expert Web Developer.
  4. A Web Programmer.
  5. A Photographer.

These are the most top five goals that I’ve ever wanted in life. I know this thing will never happen if I will keep this only on words but no action. It’s really hard for me to make this realized and successful as I always have the attitudes of tardiness, despair and timidity. This might be the big monkey wrench for my success but I won’t let this bad attitude be the reason for my failure. In time, I know I will be more successful if I will keep on pursuing this thing.

Chasing dreams and accepting failures and learn from it are the keys for a better success. Go and Go, whatever happen I will never surrender.

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