Inspirational Thoughts For the Day – Growth is the Only Evidence of Life

Growth can be thought of in a few different ways but I would tend to think of physical growth, mainly in children, and emotional or spiritual growth which we can all work on. So, if you had to measure yourself, where would you rank as far as growth goes?

I haven’t physically grown since about 18 that is, if you exclude sideways growth. However, I have a 3 year old daughter, and it constantly amazes me at how she’s always growing. Not a month goes by where she hasn’t outgrown some of her clothes or else needs new shoes. I am truly grateful for this growth as it is a sure sign that she is healthy.

How about emotional/spiritual growth? Once again, my daughter is a great example as I can see her growing in this area too. A friend’s cat died a few weeks ago and she told me that my friend was heartbroken. A few months ago this would not have occurred to her. Children grow at such a rapid rate but what happens to us as adults? Do you still grow or have you stagnated? If you let life pass you by and never try to improve your lot, perhaps you’re not trying to grow anymore. If you don’t grow, you’re not really living according to our inspirational thoughts for the day. I do believe that it is important to be happy and content with what you have but, at the same time, there are always some areas where growth is needed. Only you can determine what these areas are and how to go about your growth.

Inspirational Thoughts For the Day – Growth is the Only Evidence of Life was originally published at Ezine Articles by Jackie De Bruin

The Motivational Power of SPITE

The term spite is usually used pretty negatively. Look up it’s definition and it is full of negative and ugly words like malicious and grudge. I think there is another side to spite though. I think people can embrace spite and use it to motivate themselves. Take a minute and really think about everyone who has doubted you, everyone that has laughed at your dreams. Think about all the people who laugh behind your back. How do you feel? I don’t feel anger, or embarrassment – I feel an urge to spite these people. I want to prove them wrong! Turn that negative energy (aka spite) into positive motivation!

In my world spite means one thing:




They Are


That may seem harsh, but if someone is doubting you what choice do you have? I have had people literally laugh at my dreams. I have had people tell me I will never succeed. I know people doubt me all the time. If I don’t label those people idiots then I am giving credence to their feelings and opinions. In my mind, you doubt me – you are an idiot. I will like nothing more than proving you wrong. I will rub your nose in it too!

Go S.P.I.T.E.!

It may be an ugly word used for ugly reasons, but the motivation I get from proving people wrong is powerful. I have listened to a lot of personal development speakers and this is one topic they don’t touch on enough. Everything is about positive thoughts. Think positive, be positive – don’t focus on the negative. The thought is that negative thought will bring negative energy. What about the concept of yin and yang? Have people ever wondered if we need a dark side, or an edge, to balance out our positive energy?

The reality is that negative motivation is every bit as powerful as positive. Look at pro sports. A team that has made the playoffs and lost a couple close series is that much better and motivated the next season. The L.A. Lakers got demolished by the Celtics in 2008, since then they have won two titles. Kobe Bryant who led them there, has spent years trying to prove to people he can win without Shaq. Michael Jordan parlayed the spite he felt for his high school teacher cutting him, into one of the greatest careers in the history of sports.

If you have tried staying positive, used your daily affirmations and have noticed your career and life results have plateaued, maybe a touch of good ol’ S.P.I.T.E is exactly what you need!

The Motivational Power of SPITE was originally published at Ezine Articles by T. Payne

How Coach Phil Jackson And Michael Jordan Used Motivation And Self Development To Be Their Best

Motivation is a natural part of human nature. Everyone has a natural drive to achieve and express one’s self. The interesting thing about human nature though is that in spite of the fact that the human being is the highest order of creation in this material world people can regress and willfully self destruct.

Your natural drive must be supported with self-development in order for it to be strong and functional. Human nature is like a plant in many fundamental ways. A plant has the nature to grow and blossom. In order to do that it needs cultivation from the external environment. A plant’s nature and the environment work together to enable the plant to mature to its full potential.

In human nature natural drive and cultivation work fundamentally the same way to enable the human person to mature and achieve its full potential. In people, unlike plants, we have the ability to consciously choose our goals and the potential we want to develop.

Coach Phil Jackson assumed head coaching duties of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls in 1989. Coach Jackson was motivated to be a coach from the beginning. It was his program of self-development that helped him achieve his dreams of coaching greatness.

In his book, SACRED HOOPS, in the Introduction he says, “When I was named head coach of the Chicago Bulls in 1989, my dream was not to just win championships, but to do it in a way that wove together my two greatest passions: basketball and spiritual exploration.” Coach Jackson has, to date, 11 NBA championships, more than any other NBA coach in history.

The drive to succeed as an NBA coach was supported by his passion in spiritual exploration, a path of development and cultivation. Many of his players questioned his methods and resisted his cultivation practices, but the results achieved by those methods tell a story of their own. Even Michael Jordan, a chief beneficiary of Coach Jackson’s methods was of the opinion that he “didn’t need all that Zen stuff.”

Player, Michael Jordan was motivated to be the best NBA player of his time, and win NBA championships. He outperformed most of his peers game-in and game-out for the seven years of his NBA career before he won his first championship with Coach Jackson. There is no question that Coach Jackson’s cultivating influences helped Michael achieve the success he chased for so many years.

Michael Jordan had to grow and development to become a member of a functioning organizational unit before he won his first championship. Before he won his first championship to his credit he approached Coach Jackson and told him that he could be a star performer every game, but that was not producing championships. When he performed his “magic” the other players on the team would stand around and watch which hurt the team’s overall productivity.

Together Coach Jackson and Michael Jordan set out on a developmental course to change the culture of individualism that saturated the Chicago Bulls team, and replace it with a culture of team unity and cooperation among its members to maximize the team’s full potential. In that new culture every member of the team, including Michael Jordan, would be responsible and accountable for performing their respective assignments and roles. No longer would individual statistics be the measuring stick by which each player’s performance was judged.

Michael Jordan, as well as the other players on the Bulls team, had to learn new ways of thinking and behaving. That took development and growing. It wasn’t easy. It was hard work, but it paid off in the results that Coach Jackson, Michael, and the rest of the team wanted.

What would have happened to the motivation to excel if no championships were one by Coach Jackson and Michael in particular? What would have happened without a consistent program of self-development and cultivation for the entire team? There is one thing for sure, and that is that failure breeds failure. And, when failure becomes the norm, motivation to excel declines.

Hopefully you see the connection between human drive and cultivation. One without the other is an island standing alone, unable to maximize its potential. If you see the connection you can apply these principles to achieve your dreams in business, marketing, sports, and in any area of human life.

How Coach Phil Jackson And Michael Jordan Used Motivation And Self Development To Be Their Best was originally published at Ezine Articles by Terris Muhammad

Best Seven Inspirational Yoga Quotes to Inspire, Uplift and Encourage You During Stressful Times

Yoga has the ability to inspire you and empower you to feel good about yourself. When you meditate you may find it hard to concentrate and still your mind. It takes many days of regular sitting to train your mind to stay focused on one point, whether that is your breath, a mantra or simply observing the sun rise every morning.

If you struggle to settle your mind on a singular point, then maybe one of the following seven inspirational yoga quotes will give you the boost needed to refocus and build up your meditation practice. If you are going through a particularly tough emotional time it can be hard to show up and do your physical yoga practice. However, it is still possible to find that touch of inspiration, calm and clarity through meditating on affirmations or inspirational quotes.

Seeds of wisdom are contained in yogic quotes which capture the true spirit and meaning of Yoga.

I trust this collection of my favourite yoga quotes inspire, uplift and motivate you.

Best 7 Inspirational Yoga Quotes To Inspire, Uplift And Encourage You To Maintain Your Yoga Practice

1.”Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

2.”We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have ” Frederick Koenig

3. The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind. Rodney Lee

4. Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured. B.K. Lyengar

5. The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from God and others, but in the ceaseless realization of yoga, of union; not on the side of the canvas where it is blank, but on the side where the picture is being painted. Rabindranath Tagore

6. You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state. Sharon Gannon

7. Just for Now, without asking how, let yourself sink into stillness. Just for now, lay down the weight you so patiently bear upon your shoulders. Feel the earth receive you, and the infinite expanse of the sky grow even wider as your awareness reaches up to meet it. Just for now, allow a wave of breath to enliven your experience. Breathe out whatever blocks you from the truth. Just for now, be boundless, free, with awakened energy tingling in your hands and feet. Drink in the possibility of being who and what you really are – so fully alive that the world looks different, newly born and vibrant, just for now. Danna Faulds

When you are feeling low and in need of energy and inspiration, reflecting on the wider meaning of the above seven yoga quotes will inspire and keep you practicing your yoga.

Best Seven Inspirational Yoga Quotes to Inspire, Uplift and Encourage You During Stressful Times was originally published at Ezine Articles by Ntathu Allen

A New Drug That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence!

I was listening to the radio yesterday and they were talking about how scientist have found genes that links to obesity, more like the researchers scanned the genes of 284 people and found four genes that are responsible in determining metabolic rates, the speed at which people burn up food. Based on this, scientists will target the responsible genes in people suffering from obesity and come up with a drug that can control the metabolic rate and these people can eat as much as they want and won’t gain any weight. Much like the skinny people most of us know who can eat all they want and never gain any weight.  Based on that, since we are moving to a new era where almost anything can be taken in the form a pill, a pill to boost your brain power, a pill to win at the Olympics, why not a pill to boost your self-confidence?

If you lack self-confidence now and want to be famous, you can contact Dr. Phil and asked to be on the show. You may eventually have the opportunity to meet with the guru himself who would give you some strategy on how to get rid of your lack of self-confidence and be more assertive in life. Dr. Phil will most likely follow through with your progress and may eventually invite you back on the show  to talk about your experience on the lack of self-confidence and how you overcame it. At that point, you will be an household name and you can go write your own book on self-confidence and you may just have a best seller on the subject. No self-confidence pill will give you that kind of publicity and after being on TV with Dr. Phil your self-confidence will shoot up like a rocket and you may even think of running for governor of your state.

I am sure that as I write this article, some clever marketer is already busy looking for ways to market a drug that supposedly will boost your self-confidence. Hold on a second! I heard the other day that some people are experimenting on the drug they give to kids suffering from ADD and people not suffering from ADD can take that drug and it presumably boost their brain power. They were even talking about university students who were willing to try it in order to have better grades. If you can boost your brain power for school, who is not to say  you can’t do the same about your self-confidence! You may hear something like, after seven years of research where researchers have searched the world in the quest of the best and natural ingredients that will stimulate the centre of the brain where you store self-confidence, personality, charisma, irresistible charms to the opposite sex and more, we now present to you “confidia”, the self-confidence booster. Much like when the came out with pheromone to attract the opposite sex. I am sure these marketers already have signs of dollar bill in their eyes  at the thought of a potential billion dollar industry in the name of boosting your self-confidence.

Without going to Dr. Phil’s show or waiting for the self-confidence drug to come out, here are a few ways to boost your self-confidence naturally.

1. Dress like a million bucks and you will feel like a million bucks. Dressing nice will have a direct impact on your self-confidence. If you look good, you feel good and you’ll get noticed.

2. Challenge yourself every day into doing something that you have been willing to do but were afraid to. If you wanted to ask that cute girl out for coffee then go ahead and do it! If you lack courage today, try again tomorrow! Eventually you will have enough self-confidence to do it.

3. Walk fast and maintain a good posture. People who walk fast are busy people with lots to do and the self-confidence to do them. By maintaining good posture you’ll project self-assurance that people will recognize and they’ll have a good attitude towards you.

4. Speak your mind. When you are  with colleagues or in a public gathering, don’t be afraid to speak up!  By doing so you will have more confidence in yourself and become a better public speaker.

5. Be a front row sitter. When you go to school, church or any public forum, sit in the front row! That will bring attention to yourself and that way you’ll develop more self-confidence and self-assurance.

A New Drug That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence! was originally published at Ezine Articles by Pablo Castrel

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