Don’t let Insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with


Insecurities? What was it anyway,  Abraham Maslow describes an insecure person as a person who “perceives the world as a threatening jungle and most human beings as dangerous and selfish; feels a rejected and isolated person, anxious and hostile; is generally pessimistic and unhappy; shows signs of tension and conflict, tends to turn inward; is troubled by guilt-feelings, has one or another disturbance of self-esteem; tends to be neurotic; and is generally selfish and egocentric.”

As we all know, having the attitude of insecurity does really had a very bad impact in our life, that is sometimes it may lead to some deepest depression in life. So how do you know that you already feel this insecurities to yourself? Some signs of insecurity in yourself might include:

  • You are insecure if you wanted attestation to validate you. You want to be sure how people say about you. Nobody thinks you have a wide mouth until you tell him or her that you have a wide mouth.
  • You heard sing one’s own praises. Yes you are insecure if you are always counting about how much you have accomplished in life just others to feel worse about their own so you bringing up yours.
  • You are also insecure if your always attempt at diverting any negative thought you could have about them before you have the chance to have it.
  • You are insecure if you become obsessed with the achievements and success of others and acted insecurities towards them. You seems to be happy any time others has experiences failures.
  • You are insecure if you are threaten by another’s success and achievement, and to the point that you will work hard  to bring that person down
  • You insecure if you always encourage other to give up or quit at every mistakes and blockade that shows up on their path.
  • When you talk about your problems over and over again especially during the situations where problem should not be talking about

Insecurity is simply our reaction to one of the only things we have absolutely no control over, and that is the way other people think about us and perceive us and judge us.

It is best to always avoid the feeling of insecurities towards ourselves. We do have the control on it, it is seems being insecure becomes our attitude and it will really not help us in anyway.  So don’t let Insecurity ruin the beauty we were born with!

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