Drawing #101: Self-Portrayed Drawing for my Niece

When talent and passion didn’t meet, practice drawing 101



Introducing my 4 year old super naughty and energetic niece, he’s been dubbed his self as an “Incredible HULK”. Had fun playing/drawing his self-portrayed selfie on my computer and this the outcome. I just showed him this drawing and his actually laugh at it, wasn’t sure if he liked it or just can’t relate.

He’s been my playmate this days, my stress reliever and one of my happiness. He’d been accompanying me in where ever I’d go. I just always realizing how life is so simple every time i’m with him. No worries and problem to think. Haisst, i wish i could be kid again. You don’t have to worry anything, only just play and play throughout the day.

He love to draw as well, his mother always told him to practice writing his name but he told, “No i don’t want to write my name, i just want to draw.” Here’s some of his drawings..

In this drawing he tried to draw a chicken, a man riding a boat with fishing rods and a shark..He’s fan of shark anyway.
He tried to draw a cartoon characters..
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