Okay, Okay! I had a busiest mind today


This week was a great chance for me to open up my mind in marketing world. Oh, does it mean i will enter into a business world in the later time? Honestly, i am considering it now. As i am getting older, i want to have financial stability. I could not foreseen my career to be stable this day so i find ways, might be building a business? Hopefully!

Anyway, so much thoughts came, how about building a computer shop store or an online store? Or what? It’s hard to decide, as i always keep in mind the possibility of failing. No, i hope not. I want to be positive. I want to pursue this! I want to be successful. But how?

I have read and watch different tutorials about business marketing and i would say it never easy for me. Being a marketer isn’t my passion anyway, i am a shy person, unconfident and reluctant of what i am doing. I am one of those who likes to spent my whole day at the corner of my room, scrolling facebook and twitter newsfeeds, watching youtube videos and like skimming some inspirational articles found on internet. In other words, i am a loner and a pessimist person. So how could this be possible?

Another dream, huh? A dream that i don’t know if i am going to pursue or leave it all alone. Not sure yet, I’ll surrender it to God, i know he’s truly best and i trust him. What i’ll do now is to let it be, if that will happen then it’s good and if not i’m sure i have something better need to do.

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