Stop worrying and be happy

“The less you worry, the less complicated life become”


Are you one of those who are afraid of everything? Those who keep on worrying things that actually never happen? Now my question is, why worried? I’m not sure how it define but worrying is just a kind of a person who actually coward and weak. A person who always see things negatively. An unhappy, unsuccessful and worst considering his life to never do any good at all.

Have you come in this situation where everyday seems so dark. You always thought of everything was just useless and felt like everything that you’ve been doing was nothing. That feeling of no reasons to keep going because you think things will go badly and your so afraid to face it. You don’t want to make friends because afraid of betraying. You don’t want to keep moving because afraid of falling. You don’t want to do things because afraid of failing. When you are so worried with everything, trust will just a word and makes no sense.

Look back in your life, remember of what is the thing are you most worried of? Are they coming already? Are they happening of what actually you expected? The truth is most of them didn’t happened. Worrying is just killing your chances to being happy everyday. You need to stop it else you’ll be suffered for the rest of your life. You worried because you afraid and yet you afraid of things that actually didn’t happen.

Does worrying help you, anyway? Actually a big NO, it’s just worsen the situation and won’t stop the bad stuff from happening, it’s just stop you from enjoying the good, know that worrying still can’t change of whatever the outcome will be. Sometimes you just need to stop on worrying, thinking, wondering and doubting. Have faith that things will workout maybe not how you planned for it but surely will fall into it’s what’s meant to be.

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