Reasons why not to forget talking to god every single day


Be honest, How many times did you talk to god everyday? I mean in a normal days. No struggle, hardship nor problems. Just a bright shiny day in your life. Have you talked to him, more often? How often it will be in day? 2,3,4 or might be a countless time?

Because, honestly i felt guilty with this quote. Actually in my normal days, it’s seldom. Though i admit, i never forget him everyday, he’d always passed by at my thoughts but when talking to him, i honestly didn’t do often.

I talked to him seriously when in times i am needing his miracle. When i’m in the toughest situation, when i’m in sorrow and when i’m badly wishing things. Hated him when it wouldn’t granted and and i’m just like a little girl who are sulking and staying at the darkest part of the room because my mother didn’t buy me a toys i’d wanted.

Are you still the same? How about putting the situation in your shoes? Isn’t it annoying and felt so really bad when someone only talked to you when they need you? And think that God has a feeling too.

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