Know me more


Hmmm, who am I anyway? Actually, i’m not that too open to share my life in public. But I’m sure you don’t wish to know it, anyway! *wink*. By the way, i’m more on pessimist and introvert kind of person. My life mostly seen at the corner of my room. Not sure if that was a white and black color life, but one thing i for sure i didn’t regret anything of what i am, what i have been too and what i do.

I am also very passionate about art. Everything art that i have seen, drawing is my most obsession. Still trying hard on it this days, hoping one day i could learn from it. Working as a freelance graphic designer and a front end web developer.

But Why Life Series?

Actually, this days i am more into life, still want to have a deep understanding in a different series of life. Just want to know every single details how life could be. Just want to inspire myself and to lift my spirit up through some inspirational stories, quotes and the like. So it is, just want this blog to talk about my perspective in life and more lessons to learn from readers as well. Hope you all had a blast reading my simple ideas about life and a little hint for what i have been too from a moment.

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