Inspirational Thoughts For the Day – Growth is the Only Evidence of Life

Growth can be thought of in a few different ways but I would tend to think of physical growth, mainly in children, and emotional or spiritual growth which we can all work on. So, if you had to measure yourself, where would you rank as far as growth goes?

I haven’t physically grown since about 18 that is, if you exclude sideways growth. However, I have a 3 year old daughter, and it constantly amazes me at how she’s always growing. Not a month goes by where she hasn’t outgrown some of her clothes or else needs new shoes. I am truly grateful for this growth as it is a sure sign that she is healthy.

How about emotional/spiritual growth? Once again, my daughter is a great example as I can see her growing in this area too. A friend’s cat died a few weeks ago and she told me that my friend was heartbroken. A few months ago this would not have occurred to her. Children grow at such a rapid rate but what happens to us as adults? Do you still grow or have you stagnated? If you let life pass you by and never try to improve your lot, perhaps you’re not trying to grow anymore. If you don’t grow, you’re not really living according to our inspirational thoughts for the day. I do believe that it is important to be happy and content with what you have but, at the same time, there are always some areas where growth is needed. Only you can determine what these areas are and how to go about your growth.

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