If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door


Have you happened to missed and opportunity once in your lifetime? Or are you still waiting some opportunity to come? Neither of the two opportunity will be a great chance to grab. But how about if opportunity doesn’t come? What you should do, as saying above if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. So how are we going to build a door?

It does only mean that don’t wait for the opportunity to come in our life instead create it, work on it and be prepared in any possible ways. If we used to hide ourselves and wait till the storms passes too, then don’t be surprised if you can’t see the rainbow outside. If you used to stay in a room and wait till the bright shine light hit through the dark corner inside the room, then don’t be expect if you fail to see how the outside world so wonderful.

Honestly, realizing those dreams aren’t that easy at all. Sometimes we need to put ourselves out there. We need to come out to our comfort zone and take the risks. We need to do what it’s needed. We need not to afraid about doing mistakes. Opportunity will only work those who strive hard on it.

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