How to fix the limit of adding menus to your wordpress site

You’ve just started creating lots of menu links to your site then suddenly, oooops! why the hell it didn’t save and the worst is you had an existing menus and adding a new one into the middle would removed your last menu. Sounds crazy right? Yeah, i knew you’re not alone, i happened experienced all of this things.

And so, i am digging into google search to find the most solutions and finally i found it worked. First thing first this error wasn’t due to your wordpress system that limit you for adding menus but it is with your server configuration. And to able to fix this problem, you need to find php.ini file on your web server and edit the following default value to your preference, I simply changed mine to 3000:

max_input_vars = 1000; = 1000;
suhosin.request.max_vars = 1000;

But wait, i went to my web server but why the heck i couldn’t find those php.ini file, sounds frustrating again, isn’t it? But no worries, i have an alternate solutions for that. Just create a new php.ini file and put those values stated above with the updated values on each and upload it to your /wp-admin root folder. And that’s it, try adding new menus and shouldn’t have limit now.

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