First week of 2016, how was it?

Blessed who looks LIFE happily!

How was my first week of 2016 anyway? All good so far, a first week that has a lot of works to do. Okay to start with, at the second day of the year, hubby and I went on a travel, not a escapade but a must do travel, we do have some important things to work on in the nearby city. That time, wish to watch a movie in a cinema but unfortunately it wasn’t granted, a little frustrated me.

Third day, we woke up early to travel again going back home. A bit scared because the weather wasn’t good and we need to ride a boat to reach in our town and urrrggghhh, the waves aren’t behave that time. I am cymophobia. I don’t know, our home is near on the sea but why have this big fear of waves, I must be used to it right? But why upon  getting older i realized that i had suffered this kind of phobia. I don’t understand.

Okay, how was my first weekdays? It’s Monday, hey i need to wake up early for work but seems i want to extend my weekend or holidays. It’s hard to rose up in bed, i wasn’t feeling a bit well. My head seems too heavy to carry, had suffered a headache. A little bit of feeling dizzy, i guess it’s due to my eyes. But got nothing to do but to move and move and start my day.

So how was the rest of the weeks? So far so good, a bit loaded with works but felt blessed. I know if i have more works to do, more opportunity to learn and a healthy job stability.  So thanking god for starting my year a good and blessed one. I hope this will the same with the rest of the year.

How about the feelings? I prayed to god that whatever the resentment and hard feelings I had last year i hope that would come to an end as well. So hoping, so far so good for now. I hope that would never back again. Because whatever life it takes i can say that “Blessed those who looks LIFE happily!”

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