Finding the Good in the Bad

This last few days seem so dark for me but in spite of i am still need to breathe and go on with life. This is always this, there’s ups and downs on our way but above all it is how we overcome and how we become stronger.

With all this inconvenience the one thing i am holding on is always finding the good in this very bad situation. We we’re about to find strength when we seen life has stretches us how strong we should be, as saying “We only know how strong we are if being strong is only the choice we have”.

We should always keep this in mind that life isn’t that perfect as we always wanted so better accept whatever we came through. Anyhow, this would not be last. When we have the worst moment just keep it as a challenge. When we also have the happiest moment then enjoy it.

We do not own our life and we should not complain how it was be instead we should be always thankful and very grateful at least in every single day we had given a chance to breathe and to continue our life, that thing is  always the best blessings we receive everyday.

God, I am so sorry if sometimes i am not trusting you, I knew that you had so much better plan for me. Please give me the patience and understanding. I’d been wrong for questioning you about why this happen to me, but please i need you now. I knew you never ever leave me. So sorry God!

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