Dream and dream every moment everyday

Let’s just begin to say this things, “dream big and everything is not impossible”. I was about to think this quotes everyday as i really not know where i am going to. I maybe have a lot of dreams and goals that i set to myself but honestly don’t have the courage to pursue. Tardiness seems keep pulling me to keep away with this unknown dreams.

What was my dreams anyway? Actually, i really don’t know. I have millions of wishes and dreams but most of them have been forgotten. Some are realized already but some are vanished. When i saw some people reaching success in life, i will always say, wish i will be like him/her. Should I inspired or truly not true to myself. Why i did not make my own? Everyone is different and everyone must showed different achievement in life.

I am thinking, did i have it? What was it? Remembering, what i am now is think the greatest achievement i have gained. I was blessed with a great life. I have done so many things that i did not planned and neither expected. My dreams seems not all realized but i was brought to such an astonishing accomplishment. In a different way, God brought me to where i thought i was belong too. So might be, i fulfilled it. Everyday is a new hope and a new day to start. So let’s keep on dreaming and we never notice that one day we already have it. God is really good all the time. Dream and dream every moment everyday. Never lose hope nor give it up.


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