Chase your Happiness not Money

Don’t chase for Money as it don’t give any good at your life.

Chase your Happiness not Money

Sometimes in our life, money really matters for us. We strive hard to work because of money. We sometimes neglect ourselves because of money. We sometimes set aside our happiness because of money. We make our family a last choice because of money. And worst, we make our god the last priority because of money.

Isn’t it annoying to think how powerful money can rule in our life? We may not tend to think this, but accept it or not sometimes this was happened in our life.

What else money can do anyway? There’s a lot. Named it and surely money can do. You may want to travel around the world and money would be the first thing you consider, right? Obviously, you can’t do it anyway without a money. You are craving for a sumptuous food and you can’t eat it without money, right? And sometimes, when we get sick this is the most time we think how money would be the most important in our life.

But, it’s a big BUT for me, never ever chase for money. For some reasons, it can’t never ever do any good for your life. Hence, we may need it but never make it as your first priority. Money is just a thing, a thing that would passed by in just a matter of seconds.

The most important thing, do chase for your happiness instead of money. Do you think billionaires are the happiest people because they do have lots of money? NO, some high profile people are the most miserable one, we may not see it but i’m sure if we could talked to them they have something missing in their life, that is the true happiness.

How can we achieve it anyway? Just simple as this. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let go all the worries you have right now. Look life in a simplest way. Know that you can be more happier with the people surrounded you were full of love. Be the reasons for someone’s smile. Doesn’t need to spend money for you to make a smile. A simple gratitude and kindness you spent everyday are the most easiest way to achieve true happiness. Live simply and you can live life happily.

Furthermore, according to Neuroscience, do these 4 things that will make you more happier.

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