Don’t feel bad, a lot of people have no talent


A follow up from what I have posted yesterday, about giving up to my dearest dream and passion in life. I was lifted by this quote that I’ve read.

I realized a lot of things today, even if God never gave me the talent to be able to draw, I still had lots to be proud of, that has not owned with the other.

I am so grateful for what I had now. I know that a lot of people aspired so much from what I have learnt. The best thing was, it can be shared, but never can’t be stolen from me. Thank you god for this knowledge and a bit talent though. I felt so much relieved.

That thing called ’til next time


They said if you had dreams and passion in life, strive hard and work for it.

Okay, as you read in my previous post, regarding my very first passion in life. Yes, I am absolutely dying on knowing and learning how to draw. I was so much envied when seeing an artist who effortlessly drawn something that has in their mind.

Ugh, why I have this deep aspiration when in the first place I really don’t have any talent in this thing. I had this feeling of eagerness to draw anything even just a cartoon character, but when started, waaaah! The frustration was on.

Never did in my life I was able to draw a perfect circle nor a perfect square. Is this really the thing I’d wanted. It seems like a feeling of loving a person so much but never love you back. That feeling though…it hurts, isn’t it?

Should I learn to accept the truth, instead? That this is not for me. That this was not god wanted? Should be this the right time to say, ’till next time…..

Okay, see you next time when I see you then even if we weren’t seeing each other yet.

Story how the Sun loved the Moon so much


“Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.”

” There once was a moon, as beautiful as can be, only the stars could fathom, but the sun could not see. The sun so radiant, he burns so bright. The moon so luminous, but only showed her face during the night. She was untouchable, surrounding herself with a blanket of darkness. The sun would give anything to catch a glimpse of the Moon illuminating the beautiful night sky.

Until one day when the Sun was sliding out of the heavens, he caught a glimpse of her. She was peeking up, a rare side of her being exposed to the light. And while the Sun could shine, he knew the Moon could glow.

Just as the Stars were wandering into the night, the Sun fell in love like a snowball hurding down a mountain. How he wished to see her move than the fleeting moments he shared with her at both dawn and dusk. But they were a world apart.

“Go,” she whispered to him one of those nights, her voice as sweet and sorrowful as the last light of morning. “Go and let me breathe, for you and I have decided fates. You illuminate the day, and I cast a glow one the night. We will never be. Our connection would go against what all the people believe, all they know” During the summer he would stay a little longer just in case she would change his mind. It was no use.

“Don’t you dare abandon your blessing of light for my darkness.” And those were the last words the Moon was strong enough to speak to the Sun.

The Sun could feel her peaceful soul and it soon became clear. He would die each and every night to let his true love breathe, for it would put an end to all her misery.

” a tale like this should be heard and seen.”

“And no one will know it is the story of you and me.”


A Shout Out to my Sister


Before anything else, i would like to make a partial introductory a bit about our family.

I am the second out of the three siblings of the family. I had a big brother and a younger sister. Our father has died two weeks after my younger sister was born. My mother was again married 6 years after. So were living now with our step father.

Okay back to the topic now,

Hello sis! hope one day you can read this blog post that is meant for you.

Honestly, i can’t find memories to share here as you know, we are not that open and close to each other. I only remember the days during our childhood days, that I was so upset  with you because of your tardiness, you always wanted to do nothing, in short, I hated you because you are too much lazy to help me doing some household chores. I remember that time that I did a promised to myself because I was really upset with you, that I will never help you in any means if just in case you need my help.

But yes, it’s true! Blood is thicker than water, so I can’t help myself but to forgive you, because whatever happen we are all a family.

I don’t forget as well, at your graduation day, I was secretly crying, for the reason that I was really sad that time because I was the only one who attend, it should be the whole family was there on your graduation day but due to some financial problems, they didn’t make it. And I can’t forget as well, that was the time I promise to myself again that I will try my best to help you to pursue your dreamiest medicine career.

I went home, thinking about how making it possible. I don’t have any work that time and if ever I found one I knew it wasn’t that enough. So, losing hope at that moment.

Years passed, I already forgot the promised. But I think you’d never ever lose your hope, and I knew never did in your wildest mind to give up. Then one day, a great chance came, you grab the opportunity to make it to the first step, and yay! Glad you made it.

Hey, you’re in the middle of your journey now, this is it. I’ve seen the hardship and struggle you are at the moment, I knew it wasn’t easy, if only I could help you move faster to the final step I would do that.

But please don’t give up, am doing my best to help you as much as I can, I knew that this is your biggest dream and I’m afraid of seeing you failed in this journey, I hope it wouldn’t, always pray to God to guide and help you in whatever you do now.

Two things I always wish for you now, your success and good health. Love you so much, you may not hear it through my lips but I truly did. I am always here no matter what. 🙂

Grow Old with You


Isn’t this a nice feeling, right?

Absolutely, we are all hoping that we will grow old along with someone whom so much dear to our heart.

One time i saw an old couple, hold their hands while walking on the street. I suddenly grasp a smile on my face, it was rare to found those incident. Then, suddenly whisper to myself, “oh how sweet they truly are”. A little envied i felt during that time, how i wish we could be like them.

But, then i realized, we don’t own our life, it is God who only knew when we were taken. The best we can do today is cherish all the moments when we were together with our love ones. Love them as much as we can do and don’t forget to feel them their importance.

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